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Sandy Anglin Phillips

In this episode I'm joined By Sandy Anglin Phillips of SuvivorsEmpowered.org

Juana Indalecio

Juana Indalecio talks about being a mom as well as filling the role as father to her young son.

Robyn and Me Save a Child

In this episode I think I'M doing the right thing, but in reality I'm scaring a parent. 

Maria Faller

In this episode I'm joined by Maria Faller of Be A Better You Fitness.

Amanda Heminger Part 2

Amanda returns to discuss being homeless, surviving abuse, and why its so important to be open about those topics and not be afraid of ourselves. 

Robyn And Me

Today I'm joined by the one and only Robyn Buchholz

Justin From East Side Podcast

In this episode I'm joined by fellow podcaster Justin from East Side Podcast. He talk about coming up in Philly in the early days of podcasting, his authentic approach...

Amanda Heminger: Part ONE

Amanda Heminger joins me to discuss living through trauma and how its shaped her adult life.

Crystal Zunino

Todays episode, Cancer Survivor and advocate Crystal Zunino.

Old things with Old Friends

In this episode I'm joined by my oldest and best friends.

Tracy Frame Lowry

Tracy Frame Lowry Nurse, Mother, Advocate for women and mental illness; joins me as a new friend on Far Betterment!

Chef Edwin Sandoval

In this episode of Far Betterment, I’m joined by the passionate and exciting Chef Edwin Sandoval of Xatrucho a private cooking concept.

Mary Heinemann

In this episode Mary Heinemann joins me to talk about the Peace Corps, living in another part of the world, and her growth through these experiences.

Alicia Guler

Alicia Guler joins me to discuss facing anorexia, her recovery, and perseverance moving forward.

Journey Medina

Journey is a singer, animal lover, and entertainer.

Derek Kessinger

Derek Kessinger is a Colorado sports journalist and a well traveled writer and observer. His passion and voice shine through on this episode of Far Betterment. You can...

William Ford

William Ford is back, this time things get pretty weird and hilarious, and we even take a minute to come up with our very own porn star names.

Stephanie Gayle

The VERY talented Stephanie Gayle joins me to talk about her Album 'Songs About V' and about love, life and, being comfortable in our own skin.

Jamie Lyne Howell

This week I'm joined by my very good, and sweet, and lovely friend, Jamie Howell.

Robyn Buttholes

My plan G is here and she talks to me about our marriage and my grumpy attitude.

Cassandra Adams

Today I'm joined by Cassandra Adams. Cassandra took a "23andMe" DNA test and got some very unexpected life changing results results.

Aron Arenas part 2

Aron is back and this time we talk about our childhoods and some of the trouble we got into.

FarBetter-Halves not sodes

Robyn's back, she joins me to talk about so many things. Mostly depression and MOMO, and I almost cry, so that should be entertaining for all of you.

Joey Suyeishi

Pretty much about Hockey. Go Avs! Visit our Colorado Avalanche Page 'One Nation Under Avs' https://www.facebook.com/OneNationUnderAvs/ and follow us on twitter @...

Jason Long

Jason and I discuss divorce, growing as people, and getting ourselves out of dark places.

John And Betsy Musgrave

John and Betsy Musgrave join me for a chat and we discuss friends, family, and religion.

Better-sode One

A surprise episode and a new segment on FarBetterment

JJ Santiago

JJ and I talk about his career in the Navy, life on a submarine, and getting engaged.

Chelsea Arenas

In this episode I'm joined by my cousin Chelsea Arenas.

The Return of Tegan Anderson and Robyn Ward

Tegan Anderson returns, but this time in person.

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